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As a one of the contemporary management assistant, Revenue Management / Yield Management helps hotels selling rooms at the right time, to the right customer, at the right price, at the right price. Hotel management will not sell a room with discounted rate if they know they can sell it rack rate tomorrow. And also they will sell a room with a discounted rate otherwise it will stay empty. VisiGlobe.RMS solution will be your assistant. You will see your market and your competitor's reactions and act accordingly. Developing new market strategies, new products will be possible with VisiGlobe.RMS for months before. 

YIELD MANAGEMENT - How it works?

Each hotel has a unique customer profile. Demands continuously change depending on the length of stay, stay frequency, stay reason, group, meeting, corporate, discounted rate or rack rate. For a hotel using Yield Management, future will not be a foggy environment. RMS analysis past, on the book and expected future demand as well as positive or negative effects on demand and creates business model. This model updated daily or whenever big changes occur. These may be group booking, cancellation or an un-expected local event. Besides of these factors also expected cancellations, additional demand, stay extention, early check-out, no-show and many other factors are taken into consideration. With the help of this early warning, hotel management will have time to adopt to new market situation. Complex calculations are required for each reservation. A hotel with two room types and seven rate category likes to see their situation in the four month ahead, approximately 100.000 calculations are required. This technically impossible to be done manually.  

Your reach highest forecast accuracy in just 4 months with VisiGlobe.RMS.
VisiGlobe.RMS provides 4 % - 12 % increase in your revenue.
Your Yield Management investment will return in 3-6 months.


Thousands of hotels and resorts worldwide. Ask for detailed list.


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