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MeetingMatrix™ "Meeting and Event Planning Solution"

A perfect solution for "Event Management" from VisiGlobe Technology. Meeting or event planning, preparing, utilizing 3D-VR grasp of the event, guiding banquet service personnel with detailed visual plans and more... MeetingMatrix provides a link to 7.000 Meeting Planners worldwide for marketing your meeting venues. Allow meeting planners to arrange their event on your room diagrams. Accessing to your room diagrams and also providing booking capability over the web. Even if you like, your meeting spaces may be booked online, like your rooms. VisiGlobe offers you all and more... Here are some headlines:

A) Plan your events and apply changes instantly on your screen.
B) Utilize 3D-VR by one click.
C) Worldwide accessibility to your meeting rooms with their unique colors, decoration and inventory.
D) Let meeting planners create their own setups by free software.
E) Market your meeting rooms over the web.
F) Reachout the "Meeting & Convention Departments" of companies like Microsoft, Deloitte & Touche, Andersen Worldwide, Compaq, Dupond and thousands others...
G) Send the desired room setup and virtual presentation to your client via Email. Let them see the ambience of the upcoming event on their computer or best of all, let them setup their event.


This room setup has been prepared in less than three minutes. ( Click to enlarge.)

And above room setup has ben utilized 3D-VR by one click. ( Click to enlarge.

Let your clients see their desired room plan and setup, not imagine. They can even walk within 3D-VR to see their forcoming event e.g. speaker desk, show stage etc. If they have any demand such as rising the speaker desk or changing the place of projector, apply them within seconds and share the result with them. Show the richness and beauty of your banquet rooms by direct application of 3D-VR, not by past event images. ( Click to enlarge.)




Click to enlarge to images.

Some facts about MeetingMatrix™

1) Currently worldwide in more than 6.500 sites, for more than 29.000 meeting venues.

2) 18.000 users except Meeting Planners.

3) MeetingMatrix is the meeting planning software of choice for many major hospitality companies and brands including Hilton Hotels, Wyndham Hotels and Resort, Adam’s Marks Hotels,Park Place Entertainment, Interstate Hotel and Resorts, Loews Hotels, Embassy Suites Hotels, Inter-Continental Hotels, JW Marriott, Marriott Hotels, Renaissance Hotels, Radisson SAS Hotels, Holiday Inns, Omni Hotels, Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan, Sea World Orlando, Red Lion Hotels, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Best Western, Ramada Plaza, Boca Resorts, Benchmark Hospitality, Park Plaza Hotels, Coast Resorts, Sheraton Hotels, Starwood Resorts and Starwood Worldwide, Westin Hotels, Four Seasons and The W Hotels,etc.

4) It is used by many convention centers including Cajun Dome, Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center, Georgia International Convention Center, Emerald Convention Center, Oxford Convention Center, etc.

5) MeetingMatrix.com currently hosts more than 4.000.000 m2 room diagrams for facilities worldwide and adding on average four facilities a week and approximately 100.000 m2 of function space per month.

6) More than 14.500 Meeting Planners use MeetingMatrix daily.

7) In addition, there are thousands of corporate, association, and government meeting planners who use MeetingMatrix to access the certified room diagrams; such as Deloitte & Touche, Andersen Worldwide, Compaq, Dupond, Rotary International, etc.

8) Each day thousands of Meeting Planner provide solution to their customer by using MeetingMatrix's power and ease.

Call VisiGlobe today and make a difference to sell your meeting rooms. You want to sell your meeting rooms; worldwide thousands of corporate and meeting planner look for new locations and sites.  

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