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VisiGlobe offers the leading hotel CRM solution GuestWare® CRM solution for individual hotels or hotel groups. VisiGlobe provides a turnkey CRM solution  including project management, consulting, software implementation and customisation, training and support. Guest satisfaction is the most important aspect of CRM approach of VisiGlobe. Guest requests are continuously observed, services improved and provided seamlessly. On the otherhand, staff performence and guest satisfaction surveys are tracked. VisiGlobe helps hotels to improve guest satisfaction at least 20%.  

Happy guest returns and advises

GuestWare® CRM is used for guest satisfaction survey, guest request and problems follow-up,  staff performance tracking, department performance tracking, guest satisfaction in overall hotel performance. GuestWare® CRM has a direct connectivity to PMS - Property Management Software. All available guest information in PMS are retrieved directly into GuestWare.CRM and processed. A call center is established. All reported problem and request are entered into the system and dispatched to runner to solve the issue. Closed issues are instantly closed in the system. All issue is solved timely. Each department manager tracks related issues and if necessary, he/she can act immediately. This ensure all guest problems are solved before he leaves. Some part of our CRM solutions:    

Guest Recognition

  • To know more about guest and to serve better.

Incident Tracking

  • Solving problems timely without leaving any un-solved issue.

Rapid Responce

  • Priority required requests are tracked and solved.

Improvement Analysis

  • To improve service quality and reduce cost.

Guest Comment Card Tracking

  • To evaluate and analyze guest feedbacks.

Relationship Marketing

  • Marketing through guest history analysed with requests and comments.

Facilities Maintenance

  • Planned room and property maintenance to offer problem free service.

Communication Server

  • All requests are delivered to specific person on time via electronic transmission.

Enterprice Level CRM

  • For hotel groups which like to know their important guest in all of their hotels.

GuestWare® is a registered trade mark of Diversified Computer Corporation.

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